Unlock Interactive Patient Care And Services With Custom Healthcare Software Development.

We help businesses bring about reformative changes in healthcare solutions so that improved patient care solutions can be given to all. From quality care to seamless medical operations, boosting productivity, efficiency, and reducing errors, we aim to provide an enhanced experience at the cost-effective price range.  


Telemedicine Software Development

Get custom healthcare software development solutions and enable convenient, collaborative healthcare delivery. Patients can consult doctors and medicinal professionals from the comfort of their homes. 

Our telemedicine applications can help patients schedule a doctor’s appointment and connect with them virtually via video calls. The doctors can treat them through detailed diagnosis and digital prescriptions with real-time analytics,


mHealth App Development

Emerging with technology, our mHealth app development service includes the following –  

  • Improve medical work  
  • Handle telemedicine tasks 
  • Help in fitness tracking 
  • Promote hospital management 
  • Diagnosis and treatment for all 

We build apps that allow the secure health information exchange of data and medical imagery to support clinical decisions. 


Patient Engagement Solutions

Get healthcare app development solutions to support healthcare organizations in enhancing wellness management, personal health record, health risk assessment, and telehealth. These features allow patients to securely engage with medical practices, stay in touch, request appointments, access health records, and even pay the bills online. 
  • Frontend Web development (Angular.js, React.js, Vue.js, Bootstrap, CSS)
  • Portal Development
  • Mobile Responsive Web Apps
  • Backend Development (PHP Frameworks, JAVA, SQL, Hosting, etc.)
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • AI-based Web Apps

Remote Patient Monitoring Software

Our software solutions enable clinical staff to monitor and check each patient remotely. It gains access to real-time data and on-premise network, through reliable and simplified patient portals, the doctor-patient relationship is established securely.  

Our Process

Requirement Analysis

Our team assesses every business objective closely to deliver scalable products that can be deployed.

Quality Assurance and UAT

We promote prominent QA testing. No product is delivered without testing, ensuring that you reap real-time benefits. We also abide by strict industry protocols, providing value analysis. 

Roadmap Planning

We emphasize strategic roadmap planning. By laying outlines and assessing the project scope, we begin to proceed stalwartly. 

Iterative Delivery

By maintaining full transparency in communication, we deliver incremental value to our clients. We are flexible in managing risks and offering full assistance whenever needed. 

Why Thetravelights

Focus on Customer Experience (CX)

We strive to reach customer satisfaction and build products according to their expectations. Continuous testing and user feedback ensure scalability. 

Agile Development

Using the Scrum Methodology, we break down the work into sprints, make continuous improvements, and adjust the project scopes that have a quick turnaround time and fixed-bid cost model for complete usability. 

Continuous Delivery & Development

Our service solutions are integrated with new and upgraded features that have enormous business benefits through cutting-edge innovation and establish a long-term client relationship.   


We have deep expertise across different industries and verticals, starting from designing to building things and launching the product. We thrive in the startup ecosystem to better understand the next generation digital era.


Software Development

Complete web and app solution

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning, Chatbot, Analytics, and Reporting

Cloud, API and 3rd party Integration

AWS, GCP, Azure, IBM Cloud

Digital Marketing

Social Media Management and Advanced SEO


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Anurag Sharma leads Wunderman Thompson Intelligence, the agency’s in-house futures and innovation think-tank.

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    Do your healthcare software development services follow HIPAA compliance?

    Ans. Yes, we implement the highest levels of quality and security assurance throughout the development process of healthcare software. We also follow top-notch and best practices that comply with HIPAA standards.

    What is the use of mobile app development services in the healthcare industry?

    Ans. Healthcare mobile apps are designed to improve workflow and efficiency of health organizations, to deliver better patient care and lookout. Here’s a quick list of healthcare mobile apps and their capabilities:

    • Telehealth apps – These apps let patients visit their physician using a video call without leaving the house.
    • Clinical apps- They can send Lab and PACS results to physicians and nurses.
    • Medical records apps- These apps can let doctors write prescriptions and schedule appointments with patients on the go.
    What services does The Travelights provide?


    • Business analysis
    • UI/UX design
    • Web development
    • Mobile app development
    • Patient portals
    • Telehealth software
    • Patient management systems quality Assurance
    • Security compliance
    How could software bring improvements to the healthcare sector?

    Ans. A well-built, robust, and scalable Software supports the healthcare providers in an innumerable number of ways. It reduces cost, brings about efficiency in services and also in the segment of patient care. Such software can be targeted for usage in clinics, hospitals, and laboratories (EHR, mHealth, patient portals, intranets, CRM/PRM).

    Another advantage of healthcare software is that it can help physicians with health analytics. Big Data and Artificial Intelligence combined can help professionals recognize disease patterns, predict diagnosis, and recommend treatment options too.

    How much does it cost to develop healthcare software?

    Ans. It depends on the requirement and project scope entirely. Healthcare software development services are not necessarily expensive. We are an agency that does not compromise between quality and cost but strives to provide the optimal product at the most efficient price rate. 

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