• October 31, 2020
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Halloween has been gaining popularity all around the world. Everyone is waiting for Halloween: from the gaming industry to social media and of course e-commerce businesses. It now has come onto the insights of e-commerce businesses to increase the mode of their earnings in every way possible. Well, it is true. A successful online Halloween marketing campaign is about mood, special offers, and effective after-sales. 

According to the National Retail Federation’s annual survey, last year Halloween retail spending was estimated at $9 billion. The reason for such a high grossing rate is that people spend so much on Halloween costumes and its related accessories to anything they might find scary and match with their theme of Halloween party. This is the time when customers go crazy with shopping. 

So, how do you attract more customers and increase more and more sales? Well, we are here with solutions. Today, we will be telling you several ways on how to make your business go a lot bigger than usual on Halloween special. 

Promotional Halloween Deals 

Based on the National Retail Foundation’s research, 40% of active buyers tend to get their shopping finished by the time Halloween knocks on your door. So go for various deals and Halloween special discounts for your customer’s gasp. Get those scary promos running, store decorations, customized accessories and other Halloween promotional goodies stocked up. This will give you a Big start for your holiday season sales. 

Use Halloween Theme Language 

Try to connect with your customers the way they want to. Being in a season of festival, prepare yourself for the same. Decorate your shop based on a Halloween theme. Add some horrifying banner and Apply some say Halloween look for people to attract.

Update your logo with Halloween elements to look playful. Adding some ghosts, witches, and monsters with pumpkins will definitely. A creative banner with an interesting plot and catchy promo is also a great solution. As your key goal is to catch a customer’s eye and motivate to purchase, so don’t hesitate to add some non-formal and emotional lexis. 

Modify your Website  

Change your website theme as per the Halloween theme to more and more customers and more engagement. You can also modify it to a mobile version website as 54% of the people like to shop online. This indicates the growing preference for mobile devices by shoppers. 

Apart from your shop, also apply the spooky Halloween special theme over your web pages. Make them look more Horrific. Decorating your website can help you in growing your sales. Top-consumer psychology surveys show that people tend to buy 2x their needs if they’re in a good mood or more satisfied with the look and feel of the website. 

Social Media Campaigns 

Decorate your social media profiles to create strong messaging for Halloween. These platforms are heavily populated and are an easy way to trigger the psyche of consumers. You could also design them according to your Halloween theme. 

Show your Creativity 

Make your customers love what you have for them. Content and creatives are your trump card for any occasion. Especially with an occasion like Halloween, you can go crazy, quirky, and ghostly freaky. Hold onto various social media platforms to boost up your sales. Use various popular hashtags and you can use as many as you like. There are no limitations here. Get ready with your Facebook posts, Instagram stories, or tweets with engaging content and interesting images before the big day. Also, you can make your custom hashtags to go viral them all over to boost up your sales.


Apart from your ideas and ways, you must also join hands with some popular Halloween parties that might help you pretty well. Being a business person, always be open to collaborations. Search for events that are planned by a local organization that is pacing with a holiday sale. They have better ideas, better themes, better creativity. 

Spooky Promotions and Advertisements 

Go for other types of Promotional ideas like e-mail campaigning or advertising your sales with all deals you’ve come up with. This will help people to reach out to you even though they’re far away. To make sure you reap maximum benefits, you must be ready with a well-searched analysis of keywords and their trends before you plan to bid on keywords for your ads. 

You can also go for email marketing. This thing never gets old in the market. Active surveys show that even today, existing customers prefer personalized emails and coupons to social media flyers. The fascinating fact is email advertising is additionally 40 times more viable at obtaining new clients than Facebook or Twitter. 

Surprise Presents 

It can also be a good idea, on another note to allow your customers to choose a gift they want. Customers love to have a magical present. It would be smaller but that will increase customer’s interest in having sales through your shop or website.


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