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Staff/Teacher Management software

  • Software Platform Development
  • Software Consulting
  • Visual and Technical Designing
  • MarketPlace Development
  • Digital Transformation
  • Custome Software Development and Coding

We are delighted to swoop into the transpiring environment of education and technology. Our team of professional experts builds and designs robust school management software applications to reciprocate to the current trend in educational services. 

Our custom Ed-tech development solutions come with round the clock assistance in every step. We design solutions/models keeping in mind the requirement of every client and their business.  

The capacity to assemble engaging and intelligent applications aims to serve your educational foundation. It ensures that the daily system works smoother. You can utilize all the most modern ways to transform the education system. Expand your business with your proficiency and productivity.   

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Analytics rafiki

Real-Time Analytics and Reporting management Software

Our Big Data Consulting and Analytics Services provide strategy, engineering, and analytics to help clients derive actionable insights. This further drives business agility and growth. We are a Customized EdTech Software App Development company promising to help companies gain a competitive edge in the industry. 

We help organizations thrive in a data-driven world by creating scalable, secure, and agile big data solutions, customized according to unique business objectives. From consulting and development to optimization and maintenance, we provide resources and expertise to cover the end-to-end big data platform and software development initiatives.  

Our Analytics Services and Solutions with Real-time, Stream Data Ingestion, Processing, and Analyzing, allow rapid performance capabilities. The data streams proficiently for the Internet of Things, Monitoring, Preventive and Predictive Maintenance. 

Real-Time Big Data Analytics and Services for Enterprise includes many advanced services such as enabling real-time decision making, click-stream analytics, fraud detection, personalized user experience, and other recommendations.

  • Custom SaaS Platform Development
  • SAAS UI/UX Design
  • SaaS Application Consultation
  • Secure and Compliant SaaS Solutions
  • Multi-Tenant Architecture
  • Technology Migration and Re-Engineering
  • SaaS Solution Mobile App Platform
  • SaaS Business Plan Consultation

Real-time Collaboration and Video Communication

Interconnectivity has now become easy and simplified through face-to-face video calling applications. We build responsive video and messaging apps to capture the right market. With attractive UI/UX and strong backend configurations, we work to serve a global delivery network. 

We offer real-time video accessible to all. We ensure smooth mobile viewing, keeping in mind analytics tracking to identify user engagement. Our team members bring the best solution for you by discovering upgraded technological stacks, completely free from glitches. 

  • Frontend Webdevelopment (Angular.js, React.js, Vue.js, Bootstrap CSS)
  • Portal Development
  • Mobile Responsive Web Apps
  • Backend Development (PHP Frameworks, JAVA, SQL, Hosting etc.)
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • AI based Web Apps
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Educational App Development

You can now hire a dedicated website and mobile application developers on a monthly contract. We are an educational app development company helping startups, medium, and big businesses achieve their long-term goals through unrivaled enterprise solutions designed for the educational industry. 

Our applications help enhance the learning interest of the students. Our group of IT professionals works with core expertise, excellence, and integration technology across multiple platforms. We provide certified web & mobile programmers to fit in with your specific project needs. 

Our flexible hiring models give you the ability to directly communicate with our developer, assign work, and monitor the overall progress. We help you quickly ramp up your team, launching/managing your web or mobile application, so that you can benefit from tremendous opportunities in this field.

  • Custom Mobile App Development
  • Flutter App Development
  • Android App Development
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How We Work

Materialize your ideas with our forward-thinking and result-oriented approach

Focus on Customer Experience (CX)

Our IT Solutions team possesses in-depth knowledge of startup systems and culture. We strive to reach customer satisfaction and build products according to their expectations. Continuous testing and user feedback ensure scalability.

Agile Development

Using the Scrum Methodology, we break down the work into sprints, make continuous improvements, and adjust the project scopes. Undertaking an agile approach, we build superior software applications that have a quick turnaround time and fixed-bid cost model for complete usability.

Continuous Delivery & Development

Our service solutions are integrated with new and upgraded features that have enormous business benefits through cutting-edge innovation. We promise on-time release and also believe in cooperative communication, establishing a long-term client relationship.  


We have deep expertise across different industries and verticals, starting from designing to building things and launching the product. We thrive in the startup ecosystem to better understand the next generation digital era. Our work pattern is robust enough to address every unpredictable market change.

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