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Telemedicine Software Development

In this digitally driven world, custom healthcare software development solutions enable convenient, collaborative healthcare delivery. Patients can consult doctors and medicinal professionals from the comfort of their homes. 

Our telemedicine applications help patients schedule a doctor’s appointment and connect with them virtually via video calls. The doctors can treat them through detailed diagnosis and digital prescriptions.

Our groups of experts embed these apps with top-notch features such as text, voice, and video consultations. They are user friendly with easily navigable UI/UX. 

Ideally keeping track of real-time analytics, these apps have become part of a successful medical consultation marketplace with advanced end-to-end solutions. The payment medium is designed for flawless transactions. 

Consult us, a leading custom healthcare software development company services for the best digital results. 

  • Software Platform Development
  • Software Consulting
  • Visual and Technical Designing
  • Market Place Development
  • Digital Transformation
  • Custome Software Development and Coding
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mHealth App Development

Our experienced and well-trained healthcare web development team builds the latest mHealth applications that create exceptional solutions for all. We ensure efficient delivery of all healthcare facilities focusing on personalized patient-centered care. 

They have a user-friendly interface integrated with updated features that promote remote care and automated workflow. The patients are empowered by given relevant and timely information. Emerging with technology, our mHealth app development service includes the following – 

  • Improve medical work
  • Handle telemedicine tasks
  • Help in fitness tracking
  • Promote hospital management
  • Diagnosis and treatment for all

We build apps that allow the secure health information exchange of data and medical imagery to support clinical decisions. We also develop telehealth apps for patients and doctors by allowing them to interact remotely via video or voice chat. 

  • Custom SaaS Platform Development
  • SAAS UI/UX Design
  • SaaS Application Consultation
  • Secure and Compliant SaaS Solutions
  • Multi-Tenant Architecture
  • Technology Migration and Re-Engineering
  • SaaS Solution Mobile App Platform
  • SaaS Business Plan Consultation

Patient Engagement Solutions

Our experts dealing with patient healthcare app development build customized online portal software for a coordinated and customizable framework for patient communication. 

We provide custom software solutions to support healthcare organizations in enhancing wellness management, personal health record, health risk assessment, and telehealth. These features allow patients to securely engage with medical practices, stay in touch, request appointments, access health records, and even pay the bills online.  

Our solutions aim to simplify delivery through patient-centered medical care. Our major goal is to simplify communication and coordination among patients and providers/doctors by offering separate patient and provider interfaces, adjusting to what each user needs. 

  • Frontend Webdevelopment (Angular.js, React.js, Vue.js, Bootstrap CSS)
  • Portal Development
  • Mobile Responsive Web Apps
  • Backend Development (PHP Frameworks, JAVA, SQL, Hosting etc.)
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • AI based Web Apps
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Remote Patient Monitoring Software

Our software solutions enable clinical staff to monitor and check each patient remotely. It gains access to real-time data and on-premise network, through reliable and simplified patient portals, the doctor-patient relationship is established securely. 

The designed interface is customized according to every individual requirement of each patient. Hence, it will be healthcare streamlined, starting from online bookings to viewing patient profiles and setting reminders, managing everything will be more efficient.  

  • Custom Mobile App Development
  • Flutter App Development
  • Android App Development
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