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Computer Vision

Get ahead with the latest, world-class computer vision solutions. We are the leading Artificial Intelligence Solutions Company that excels in various tasks such as processing, analyzing, understanding digital images. It helps in acquiring and extracting data from the real world.

We provide numerical or symbolic information to derive actionable insights. We also provide custom image and video analyzing solutions for both the machine and computer vision systems. 

Integration of smart services in your product and configure the entire system as per business requirements and market standards. 

  • Image Recognition and Labeling
  • Face Recognition
  • Gestures and movement detection
  • Text Recognition (OCR & ICR)
  • Image and Video Analytics
  • Emotion Detection Analysis
computer vision

AI Consultation

We are an AI development company helping you reach your peak potential by providing top-grade services in AI and Consulting. We will help you understand the values and risks, pragmatically defining the capabilities needed for your organization to adopt and scale AI.

We help you to incorporate the robotic and intelligence capabilities by making way for transition and operative efficiency. With support from our high tech solutions, you realize the benefits of Artificial intelligence services, thus improving workflow and customer experience.

Our team members will guide you through the entire AI transformation journey.

  • AI Consultation
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Support
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Quick Project Deployment
  • Thorough Evaluation
#Voice Assistant App

Voice Assistant App

Enlarge and Empower your business in a simplified manner. Let excellence speak over creativity through the invention of virtual assistants. Meanwhile, digital automation technology enables businesses to function flawlessly. Discover bigger deals and opportunities by saving time as well as effort.   

We are an artificial intelligence services and solutions company, supporting you with reliable services to automate lead generation and commerce. The tasks performed by Virtual Assistants include taking dictation, reading text or email messages, looking up phone numbers, scheduling, placing phone calls, and reminding the user about your appointments. 

It understands your natural language, voice commands to finish tasks for you. This way, you can sort out your priorities, engage in context, and focus only on what is important.

  • Custom Alexa Skills Development
  • Alexa Echo App Development
  • Alexa Skills Integration
  • Custom voice assisted web app development
  • Third Party Voice Assisted API Integration
  • Custom Google Action Development
  • Action on Google (AoG)
  • Integration with Android
  • AoG Integration with Web Applications
  • Google Places API Integration
Voice app


We provide scalable and secure AI-powered chatbots so that your business can evolve according to the latest technology upgrades. Our chatbots are integrated with intuitive designs complimenting the ease of use. 

Equipped with advanced technological tools and features, its machine-learning capability improves performance. We also have the offer of adding more functionality to the existing chatbots. 

Being one of the leading AI software development companies, we follow extensive word-classification processes, natural language processors, and sophisticated AI.

  • Customised Chatbot Development
  • Website Bot
  • Mobile App Bot
  • News Bot
  • Shopping Bot
  • Entertainment Bot
  • Travel Bot
  • Support Bot
  • Social Media Chatbot Development
  • WhatsApp Bot
  • Skype Bot
  • Slack Bot
  • Telegram Bot
  • IBM Watson Bot
  • Facebook Bot
Why Us

How We Work

Materialize your ideas with our forward-thinking and result-oriented approach

Focus on Customer Experience (CX)

Our IT Solutions team possesses in-depth knowledge of startup systems and culture. We strive to reach customer satisfaction and build products according to their expectations. Continuous testing and user feedback ensure scalability.

Agile Development

Using the Scrum Methodology, we break down the work into sprints, make continuous improvements, and adjust the project scopes. Undertaking an agile approach, we build superior software applications that have a quick turnaround time and fixed-bid cost model for complete usability.

Continuous Delivery & Development

Our service solutions are integrated with new and upgraded features that have enormous business benefits through cutting-edge innovation. We promise on-time release and also believe in cooperative communication, establishing a long-term client relationship.  


We have deep expertise across different industries and verticals, starting from designing to building things and launching the product. We thrive in the startup ecosystem to better understand the next generation digital era. Our work pattern is robust enough to address every unpredictable market change.

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