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  • January 6, 2021
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The pandemic of Covid-19 has given a new direction to the world. Despite the lockdown and abrupt halt to normal living, people could work closely and effectively with the help of technology and its ever-changing, incremental trends. 

In the year 2020, this has proved to be very beneficial, ensuring effortless connection despite being stuck in different corners of the world. The pandemic is a major catalyst for digitized transformation, intensifying many significant developments that were already underway before the pandemic happened. 

It reduced human contact as processes became automated and productivity increased, despite the need for social distancing. Imparting education via online modes became possible for executing office presentations became a practical task. All this has been the result of the soaring technological potentials and newly found trends.  

In the Post-COVID World, technological models have formed sync with the shifting requirement of people. Although there have been tech clashes, the area of focus was never overshadowed. Rather, it has exacerbated.  

Here are the prominent technological trends, which you should watch out for in the post-pandemic world.   

  • Cloud Storage   

cloud server

What has been worrisome for most people while working online is laptop crashes and connectivity loss. It is 100% likely that the data will be lost and cannot be recovered again. 

Fortunately, the cloud storage system will immediately come to your rescue. It feels like a blessing, where all the data automatically gets stored online. It can be recovered whenever needed. 

Similarly, you can share it via the internet with another person sitting at an entirely different location. The technology of cloud computing is going through constant upgrades. 

As a result, hundreds of users have been able to store massive amounts of data online. There are cloud service vendors too, with actively improved functions and resources designed to meet everyone’s interest equally.    

  • Robotic technology  

robotics development

Since social distancing became the new rule for all, the implementation of robotic technology has been on the rise. From a controlled environment to an uncontrolled one, it has helped businesses benefit from contact with fewer solutions. 

In the healthcare industry, robots are fighting equally with the frontline workers in the demonstration as well as treatment. Further, the need for automation in work will accelerate the need for robots too. 

Experts believe that robots, IoT, and the 5G network will work in coordination, increasing workflow and output simultaneously. This way, a lot of time and effort will also be saved.

  • Artificial Intelligence  

AI Bee

The advent of AI is playing a big role in helping people stride through the pandemic situation. Big tech giants like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook are implementing AI technology to mitigate the absurd spread of the Covid-19 virus. 

Applications powered by AI are helping medical professionals detect the symptoms of the virus and related illness, and even the health centers can optimize their clinical trials in a better manner.  

Several companies are investing in AI partnership. The major functionality of AI has helped with the recent discovery of the Covid-19 vaccine. With AI, companies can design a more personalized experience, focusing more on consumer satisfaction and brand building. 

Fostering the collaboration of human-AI has brought about major advantages for all, ensuring re-imagined flexibility in every workspace.   

  • Automation in factories 

automation in factories

The soaring labor costs have forced multiple enterprises to go for automation technology. Over the past few years, trade tensions have heightened, negatively influencing the supply and delivery chains. Hence, the industrial sector is seeking new, modified ways of diversification.  

The solutions are – accelerating the use of industrial automation.  As a huge part of the workforce had to stay at home due to the pandemic, the factories were run with the help of automation. 

It ensured employee/worker safety, along with work satisfaction. However, with every passing day, there is a need for greater opportunities so that re-assessment, re-configuration, re-building, and re-implementation can be done in a futuristic way.  

  • Virtualization  


With the transmission and exchange of vast amounts of data in the time of the pandemic, mobile operators almost had to revamp their networking infrastructure. While this was costly, most operators opted for visualization to bring down the OPEX and CAPEX.  

Recently, many network operators have adopted RAN virtualization that helps the network functioning is separated from hardware. It helps them achieve elasticity, scalability, flexibility, and agility. 

It also promotes cost-effective networking. Disaggregation is another output of virtualization, besides structures for an open network. Hence, the implementation of innovative technology and network management as possible, hand in hand.  

  • Internet of Things 

IOT at home

This element played a successful role in the Covid-19 pandemic. One big example is the use of drones, through which food, package delivery, and area monitoring were made possible. The administration could keep a tab on crowded areas and the containment zones. 

Post pandemic lockdown, IoT enabled applications or devices will be of massive help, especially in the healthcare sector. In remote monitoring of the patient’s and coronavirus treatment, this technology will bring immense transformation through the leveraged powers of IoT. For example, IoT connected thermometers gather health data without the requirement for direct interaction.

  • 5G network  


The bandwidth of mobile network connectivity will increase further. Due to the remote working ecosystem, faster networking is needed, which is made possible with the designing of service-based architecture. 

This will be adopted along with 5G connections. It will cater to the IoT technology, even low latency applications, and services on the network of Slice. 5G can, therefore, perform better than any one of the present networking solutions.  



Technological trends post the Covid-19 pandemic will continue to serve industries and businesses alike. With an improved vision towards it, the world is gearing up fast to adopt these technologies at a full-fledged speed. However, the organizations will have to take the first step ahead. 

Although the dilemma of utilizing smart devices stays, it has to be done to make things easy as well as serve the purposes of social distancing and more. The right strategies are needed to innovate, rebuild, reinvent, and execute. 

In the end, it entirely depends on the rest to decide how fast to implement the right tools and march forward, into the changing future. 


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