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Businesses nowadays are going online. Whether to chat and support or to expand the business. Because online interaction is one of the best ways to connect with people. And so, there are gazillions of platforms where you can interact with the world. One of which is WhatsApp. Originally launched in 2009, it has now become a huge platform to expand your business. 

“If you get a WhatsApp message, you’re probably going to open it.  That’s the interesting thing.” — Harper Reed. 

With over 2 Billion users, WhatsApp has emerged as one of the most used messaging apps around the globe, and with the recent announcements of  Business Profiles and Business Accounts, it opens up a new space for businesses to engage with people around the world. Morning Consult Study has shown that

“Over 80% of small businesses in  India and Brazil say WhatsApp helps them both communicate with  customers and grow their business today.”

What is WhatsApp Chatbot? 

WhatsApp Chatbot is an automated Chat system between users associated with Business, powered by a set of rules or Artificial intelligence on a  WhatsApp platform. In some cases. It is essentially software designed to have a conversation with humans over chat. 

WhatsApp for Businesses 

In 2018 WhatsApp announced the official launch of its platform made for businesses. Now companies could communicate with clients using  WhatsApp for Business that helps to automate, sort, and respond to messages.

Chatbot for WhatsApp Business is, in fact, an exciting feature that helps  businesses in a lot of ways: 

  • Effectively and instantly interact with clients.
  • Expand the company’s availability and reach.
  • Support customers by responding to queries in real-time. Send contextual responses automatically.
  • Personalize customers’ experience.
  • Free up support personnel to solve more complex requests.
  • Make customer communications more secure due to end-to-end encryption.
  • Shorten the sales cycle.
  • Achieve better brand recognition.

When all the companies look for customers to interact and connect with them, WhatsApp is the best option you’ll get. WhatsApp chatbots offer the advantage of being accessible 24×7. 

The customers have reported going under a lot of various conveniences offered by WhatsApp while accepting and deploying the businesses with  Virtual agents. The Chatbot might be able to ask some common questions or FAQs. While the complex issues can be solved after inhuman interaction. 

Effective features of WhatsApp Chatbot 


Access to critical metrics is easy with WhatsApp for business. It may be the messages sent, delivered, and read. 

“Businesses can reduce customer service costs by up to 30 % by  implementing conversational solutions like virtual agents and  chatbots.” — Chatbot Magazine

The above finding establishes the importance and cost-effectiveness of chatbots in business. It is the same functions and objectives of WhatsApp bots. They also provide significant benefits for businesses and consumers alike as that of chatbots. 

Initial Conversation 

The initial words with a business would create the impression of good or bad. So, instead of worrying about what to say to the business, Better to go  for the words of Mark Zuckerberg : 

“You should message a business just the way you should message a  friend.” 

Getting Support 

You can get the support of any kind just in case of any problem. You can leave them a message and they will be connecting to you as soon as they can. 

Privacy/End-to-end encryption 

These business messages have an end to end encryption. Your information will be kept secure but we suggest you go for it only if they make you feel genuine. It will protect from clutter, and you can also block any business with the tap of a button. 

Urgent Issues as a Customer 

WhatsApp bots can also be used to send messages about inbound requests that require urgent resolution, for example, misplaced packages, lost or stolen credit card reports, etc. 

Order related Info 

WhatsApp Chatbot messages can be sent in the form of direct and instant communication regarding purchase orders, tracking, and delivery information.


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